Web Browser

If you click on [V] to view the HTML file that you have opened or created, additional markup will be inserted into the source file to perform syntax highlighting. Then you can find false tags or missing delimiters more easily because some of these mistakes are indicated by irregular color changes.

Errors detected during file analysis or typesetting are often mentioned together with the line number, which is therefore added to the left margin.

You can save the file by clicking with the right mouse button on the file name that is displayed on top of the frame content. Select Save target as or Open in a new window, where you can choose File/Save in the main menu.

Text Mode

If you press [V] in the text mode interface, you get a simple plain text view of the source file. GMS uses (Dos, Windows) and less (Linux) as internal viewers, showing the text inside the same window.

To quit the viewer, press [Esc] (Dos, Windows) or [Q] (Linux). To browse through the text, use the arrow keys and [Pg Up], [Pg Dn], [Home] or [End] keys.

This may not work on some Linux systems unless terminal settings are changed. In KDE Konsole, for example, changing Pre­fer­ences/Key­board to Linux Con­sole may help. If not, use letter keys to move [F]oreward, [B]ackward, [U]p or [D]own; [G] and [Shift-G] let you go to the beginning or end of the text.

You can select another viewer if you press [S] and [P] enter enter the name (without path). The viewer binary must be located in the search path or in a sub-directory of [GMS­_ROOT]/bin.

Command Line

In the command line, enter gms -v /my­fold­er/my­file.htm (Linux) or gms /v x:\my­fold­er\my­file.htm (Dos, Windows) to view a markup document. If the file was opened or created before, it is sufficient to call gms -v or gms /v.

Alternatively, you can execute the command less /my­fold­er/my­file.htm (Linux), %GMS­_ROOT%­\bin­\dos\browse x:\my­fol­der\my­file.htm (Dos) or %GMS­_ROOT%­\bin­\win­\browse x:\my­fold­er\my­file.htm (Windows), where the [GMS­_ROOT] environment variable must be set to the GMS installation folder.