Web Browser

Click on [O] to open an existing HTML file for conversion into PDF.

(1) If GMS runs on a remote network machine, it displays an input form where you can enter the file name. You may also [Browse] through your computer’s local directory tree to search this file. Clicking on the [Accept] button starts an upload of this file into a temporary folder. You have to re-download this file to save it whenever it was changed.

If your HTML document includes other files like images, style sheets or markup files which are chained to the first, you have to upload them too. Only the following data file formats are supported by Markup Shredder: CSS, HTML, JPG, PDF and PNG. All these files will be stored in the same directory, so you have to change links to other levels.

(2) If GMS runs on your local computer, then there is no need for file up- and downloading. In this case GMS displays a selection box to Browse through your local directory tree. Click on the [Accept] button to change the working directory and to select a HTML file therein. On Linux, this works only in subdirectories of $Document_Root, so you may have to link your home folder to it.

Text Mode

If you press [O], a simple file selection dialog is displayed to open an existing markup document. Pressing [N] or [P] will list the next or previous files in the current folder, [H] takes you to a higher directory level, and [Q] lets you quit this dialog without opening a file.

Numbers [1] to [9] will either select a file, or change into a sub-folder if the corresponding item is marked with two slashes, [\\] (Dos, Windows) or [//] (Linux), symbolizing the level separator. You can also use the [up] and [down] arrow keys and [space] or [enter] to select an entry. GMS then works in the directory that you have chosen. On Dos, this dialog can only display the first 127 files of a directory.

The recommended way to open a markup file with the GMS text mode interface under Windows 32 is clicking on its name with the right mouse button in Explorer. Select Send to gerolf.bat in the context menu.

On Linux too, you can configure your KDE or Gnome desktop to open HTML documents with GMS, using the /usr/bin/ge­rolf or $GMS­_ROOT/ge­rolf links respectively the $GMS­_ROOT/ht­docs/tex­mf/etc/ge­rolf launcher script to run GMS in a terminal window. In Konqueror, click on a markup file with the right mouse to open the context menu.

Command Line

To open a markup document, enter gms -o /myfolder/myfile.htm (Linux) respectively gms /o x:\myfolder\my­file.htm (Dos, Windows).