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GMS Program Files


Installation Folder:




Installation Files (Dos, Windows, Linux):
gerolf.css gerolf.php gmsintro.txt gms2exe.sed gmsunzip gmsunzip.bat index.htm


Batch Files (Dos, Windows):
browser.bat compiler.bat editor.bat g_code.bat g_color.bat g_dos.bat g_file.bat g_font.bat g_good.bat g_launch.bat g_list.bat g_menu.bat g_palet.bat g_plug.bat g_prog.bat g_rain.bat g_save.bat g_select.bat g_vars.bat g_wel.bat gms.bat l_banner.bat l_box.bat l_code.bat l_color.bat l_desk.bat l_file.bat l_gms.bat l_good.bat l_list.bat l_menu.bat l_prog.bat l_rain.bat l_save.bat l_select.bat l_wel.bat reader.bat shredder.bat viewer.bat xpfonts.bat


Code Page Files:
cp437.txt cp850.txt cp860.txt cp863.txt cp865.txt cp874.txt cp1250.txt cp1251.txt cp1252.txt cp1253.txt cp1254.txt cp1255.txt cp1256.txt cp1257.txt cp1258.txt
i8859-1.txt i8859-2.txt i8859-3.txt i8859-4.txt i8859-5.txt i8859-6.txt i8859-7.txt i8859-8.txt i8859-9.txt i8859-10.txt i8859-11.txt i8859-13.txt i8859-14.txt i8859-15.txt
iscii.txt iso646.txt us-ascii.txt viscii.txt


Encoding Files, Hand-Written from Code Page:
arabicbh.enc arabicmt.enc psy.enc pzd.enc
Encoding Files, Generated from Code Page:
cp437.enc cp850.enc cp860.enc cp863.enc cp865.enc cp874.enc cp1250.enc cp1251.enc cp1252.enc cp1253.enc cp1254.enc cp1255.enc cp1256.enc cp1257.enc cp1258.enc i8859-1.enc i8859-2.enc i8859-3.enc i8859-4.enc
i8859-5.enc i8859-6.enc i8859-7.enc i8859-8.enc i8859-9.enc i8859-10.enc
i8859-11.enc i8859-13.enc i8859-14.enc i8859-15.enc
iscii.enc iso646.enc us-ascii.enc viscii.enc
Encoding Files, Generated from Unicode Row, with Glyph Names:
g0000.enc g0100.enc g0200.enc g0300.enc g0400.enc g0500.enc g0600.enc g0e00.enc g1e00.enc g2000.enc g2100.enc g2200.enc g2300.enc g2400.enc g2500.enc g2600.enc g2700.enc gf800.enc
Encoding Files, Generated from Unicode row, with Unicode Names:
u0000.enc u0100.enc u0200.enc u0300.enc u0400.enc u0500.enc u0600.enc u0e00.enc u1e00.enc u2000.enc u2100.enc u2200.enc u2300.enc u2400.enc u2500.enc u2600.enc u2700.enc uf800.enc


Entity Lists:
HTMLlat1.ent HTMLspec.ent HTMLsymb.ent


Glyph Lists:
gms.gly dingbats.gly


Kerning Tables:
phv.krn ptm.krn


Language Strings (web browser interface):
english.txt french.txt german.txt


Unicode Rows:
u0000.row u0100.row u0200.row u0300.row u0400.row u0500.row u0600.row u0a00.row u0e00.row u1e00.row u2000.row u2100.row u2200.row u2300.row u2400.row u2500.row u2600.row u2700.row u3000.row u3100.row u3200.row u3300.row uf600.row uf700.row uf800.row ufb00.row ufc00.row ufd00.row ufe00.row uff00.row


Ansi-C Source (Text Mode Interface):
reply.c mk_reply


Shell Scripts (Linux):
folder gerolf gms_memo gmssetup
Batch Files (Dos, Windows):
folder.bat gerolf.bat gms_memo.bat gmssetup.bat
Configuration Files:
alias.cfg encoding.cfg epilogue.cfg files.cfg font.cfg pdftex.cfg
plugin.cfg prologue.cfg tidy.cfg typeset.cfg texmf.cnf
Log Files:
gerolf.log gmssetup.log
Font Maps:
Text Screens:
desktop.scn goodbye.scn launch_1.scn launch_2.scn launch_3.scn launch_x.scn menu.scn welcome.scn writing.scn readme.txt
Dos System Files:
drv.sys pwd.sys
TeX Exit Files:
exit.tex q.tex quit.tex x.tex


Shell Scripts (Linux):
g_code g_color g_file g_font g_good g_launch g_list g_menu g_palet g_plug g_prog g_rain g_save g_select g_vars g_wel gms l_banner l_box l_code l_color l_desk l_file l_gms l_good l_list l_menu l_prog l_rain l_save l_select l_wel shredder


TeX Macro Scripts:


Hyphenation Patterns:
ca.tex cs.tex da.tex de.tex de-rf.tex el.tex en-UK.tex en-US.tex es.tex et.tex eu.tex fi.tex fr.tex ga.tex hr.tex hu.tex ia.tex id.tex is.tex it.tex la.tex nl.tex no.tex pl.tex pt.tex ru.tex sr.tex sv.tex tr.tex uk.tex wen.tex

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