Web Browser, Text Mode and Command Line

Drawing by Duane BibbyIf you click on [I] in the web browser or press [I] in the text mode interface or say gms -i respectively gms /i in the command line, then the TeX engine will initialize a so-called format file for Markup Shredder, which is given the base name gerolf and the extension efmt (Linux, Windows 32) or efm (Dos) in case of the pdfetex engine, and fmt for pdftex. In binary format, this file contains information taken from the following program texts or data structures, as reported in ge­rolf.log:

You have to re-initialize the TeX format file for GMS whenever you made changes to the information mentioned above (for instance by adding hyphenation patterns for another language, or by adding new fonts and re-writing the, or when you have downloaded a newer pdfetex binary for Windows or Linux, together with the corresponding message pool file, from Sebastian Rahtz’s TeXlive distribution.

There is a mailing list where problems concerning the pdfetex binary can be discussed. Please do not expect members of this list to be familiar with Markup Shredder.